Thursday, November 6, 2008


A little late at posting this, but better late then never! We ended up having a lot more people come to the party then I thought would, so thanks for everyone that came! It was fun to see people, some of you, I hadn't seen for a year or so. It turned out to be a nice night! The kids did trunk'or'treat at the ward and then we saw the Grandparents then came back here to party. This was Tyson's first year to actually care what was going on... even though it took an hour just to get him to put on a costume. We did the hand me down thing, and my sister-in-law brought over a ton of choices, and I think we had to go through every single one before deciding on the cowboy outfit..I think because for one his sister is very good at convincing him to do things he doesn't want to, and the cowboy let him be Tyson still! He was having an image problem. "No, I Tyson!" All and all he had fun and we went to church that Sunday and he didn't want to go in, he wanted to go trunk'or'treating to the cars. He didn't understand that no one was handing out candy any more.
So I almost didn't post this one because I know once people see this all the ladies, and men, are going to want his number! That's right, He's with me!! This is why I married him! Smokin' Hot!

Our Cute Little Elmo!

Tyson the Cowboy!

Joe the Plumber and the Mafia Queen!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So a couple weekends back we decided to get away and go relax at the Dorton's cabin. I wanted to go somewhere I couldn't be reached by phone and just relax and enjoy my family and friends and just chill! It was such a needed break for us and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Morgan and Sarabeth and their boy Daxton came and brought some firearms to go shooting, then Aunt "Renee-nee" joined us and then also Uncle Matt and Aunt Katrina met us up there. We all had a blast riding the zip line, roasting 'mallows', shooting, horseshoes, Cabin Tradition "BLITZ" and just running wild! I was a little nervous about the hunters, so the kids had to stay close and were instructed not to sneak around, esspecially sneak around acting like any animals. You just never know now days. But thank you Mama and Papa Dorton, esspecially Papa Dorton for keeping everything up to par at the cabin so we can go and get away and enjoy ourselves there! We have so many memories there and the kids love to go to the "cavin"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Brooklynn's B-day Party!

So Brooklynn's mom did a big party for her at Bouncin' off the Walls and invited us to come which was way cool of her and fun for all us kids! After building our house we decided we would do a big friend party every other year for the kids. It just gets too expensive. This was our off year so it was cool of her to let us crash her party! Which I suggest this place to anyone! In fact I think I'm going to do my B-day party there next year too! They give you an hour and a half in your own play room, so easy to keep track of the lil' ones, and then 30 mins for food and presents! It was a Blast! Thanks Maelynn!!

First Day of School!!

YaYScHoOl!! So it seems like we were just singing "Schools Out for Summer" on Guitar Hero. Man time flies! I have to say it's nice having them back in school, but kind of sad! They were getting tired of my answer to "I'm bored, what can I do?
" They finally learned I'm the wrong one to ask! "lets see there's a bathroom that needs cleaning," "dust to be dusted," "floors to be cleaned." Yeah never tell mom your bored! She does not know the word anymore!

Wedding Canopy

So we finally did it! Since we started our wedding business we have been wanting to drop the ceiling and drape it with lights and material to make a canopy! Saturday's wedding was our first and I think it turned out pretty dang good for our first! There are a few things that we want to improve, but over all, it looked beautiful and adds so much to the atmosphere of the wedding! You can purchase the canopy alone or in a package deal. With the whole wedding package it's $1450, and alone it's $550. I'm interested though to get your feedback. Let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions, I am open to it!! Take note though, that you can see the ceiling through the canopy because of the way we did it, but it's not noticeable when you dim the lights and use the canopy lights to light up the room! It's just one of those things, where pictures just don't do it justice!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wedding News!!

Just to update those that don't know, me and my friend Kira Weight and her mother Marilyn Schrader started a wedding business that we've been doing since last fall. We are joining some partners that I think are really going to be a good thing for us so I'm really excited about that! We have a lot of exciting things coming up with that, so I'm thinking in the next few months it's really going to take off! It's been a blast so far, and every wedding is so different, so we've really had and oppurtunity to branch out with things! You can check out our website at or our blog at! This week will be our first dropped canopy ceiling! I'm so stoked and will post those pictures as soon as I can!