Thursday, November 6, 2008


A little late at posting this, but better late then never! We ended up having a lot more people come to the party then I thought would, so thanks for everyone that came! It was fun to see people, some of you, I hadn't seen for a year or so. It turned out to be a nice night! The kids did trunk'or'treat at the ward and then we saw the Grandparents then came back here to party. This was Tyson's first year to actually care what was going on... even though it took an hour just to get him to put on a costume. We did the hand me down thing, and my sister-in-law brought over a ton of choices, and I think we had to go through every single one before deciding on the cowboy outfit..I think because for one his sister is very good at convincing him to do things he doesn't want to, and the cowboy let him be Tyson still! He was having an image problem. "No, I Tyson!" All and all he had fun and we went to church that Sunday and he didn't want to go in, he wanted to go trunk'or'treating to the cars. He didn't understand that no one was handing out candy any more.
So I almost didn't post this one because I know once people see this all the ladies, and men, are going to want his number! That's right, He's with me!! This is why I married him! Smokin' Hot!

Our Cute Little Elmo!

Tyson the Cowboy!

Joe the Plumber and the Mafia Queen!


Weight Family said...

Cute! I am bummed I couldn't make it to the party but I was just so sick.

Misty said...

Adorable kids....and, I would definitely keep that picture of Trevor handy, if I were you. Just in case you may need to blackmail him someday!

BlueSkies28 said...